Freshments and Social Media

Recently we blogged about our new social media presence for our micro-markets and our re-branding– we couldn’t be more excited!  We have developed a whole new online presence to keep our fans, followers, and customers informed about promotions and offers posted throughout the week in an effort to help each of you to make enjoyable, healthy snack choices.

With our new Social Media presence, you can stay informed about any specials we are running,  learn  about new offerings, and provide you with up-to-date information.  So, if your favorite snack is on sale this week at our market, you will know, and can enjoy that snack more often.

Not only will you hear about our specials, but we want to share educational information about living better and eating healthier – that includes snacks!!  Our goal is not just to make sales, but also to improve your knowledge so that you can make better choices, and as a result improve your over-all life style.

You can stay current with Freshments news and updates at these locations:

You can also connect with VendEdge on LinkedIn.

Remember, your comments and suggestions are important to use.  We appreciate all thoughts and suggestions you share.  We hope you consider us a valuable part of your work day.

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