Our Technology is Here for You

At VendEdge, some unique technology enables us to keep our vending machines full.   The system we use makes sure that your favorite snacks are available at all times.  So how does this system work, you  might ask?

By using a platform from Cantaloupe systems, we are able to:

  • Track and place orders for items in high demand, eliminating the time-consuming process of  placing a paper order.
  • Anticipate and refill items based on order history ( another way of saying that we know what you like and can make sure there is more of it!)
  • Ensure that all our vending machines are working and respond quickly should there should be any issues.

Cantaloupe Systems
These innovations help us to do two things  – save you money and keep the machines well-stocked.  This provides you hassle-free service at any time and snack choices that you can afford.  Gotta love technology, right?

So, the next time you visit one of our VendEdge machines, we want you to know that we make every effort to ensure that you will find your favorite items and that we keep our prices low.

We want you to have a great day – a hassle-free day, save money and enjoy the snack of your choice!

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