Healthier For You

Freshments has noticed – as you must have– that we are being bombarded with nutritional information from every source.  HR programs even promote better nutritional efforts.  So you surely must know all about reading labels, counting calories, minimum daily retirements — right?

Well, just in case those thoughts are not uppermost in your mind when you reach for a mid-afternoon snack, Freshments is here to help!!

Freshments has made available two programs among our Vendedge selections – Snackwise®  and Fit PickTMLet us explain how these programs will make life easier for you.

Snackwise®  rates snack foods based on current Dietary Guidelines. You will see posters detailing these selections and be able to choose single or regular sized portions.

Fit PickTM uses stickers to assist you in determining which choices are lower in fat and sugar, based on the standardized nutritional guidelines.

By using these two systems, and looking for the posters and stickers, you can select from among the wide choices Vendedge offers to supplement your personal dietary needs.  It’s  a win-win situation for everybody – the perfect answer for coffee breaks or a quick afternoon boost.  Enjoy!!

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