Tips for Healthier Eating (New Year’s Resolution)



It’s a new year!  And with that many of us want to be healthier.  How to do it???  It isn’t easy, but we have a couple of suggestions that may help you work toward this notable goal!


  • Try eating small snacks throughout the day.  Something like cranberries, nuts, or fruit might satisfy that hollow space without adding too many calories.  NOTE:  Cake is not a snack—save that for dessert!
  • Portion control works – and you can fool your eye by actually using a smaller  plate. You won’t end up with that heavy, over-full feeling – and there will still be room for dessert.

Try these tips and start off 2013 with a trimmer, slimmer, healthier you.  By all means, let us know how these tips worked for you, and share your secrets for a healthier you!

Happy New Year ——–

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