NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ Casts School Vending In Positive Light

With the recent focus on obesity and the  way we are all oftentimes used as pawns for political purposes, it is refreshing to see this topic treated with fairness and reason.  Vending in schools can be a positive for all concerned.  There are numerous reasons why vending in schools is good.  Here are a few.  With funding cutbacks, schools are desperate  for revenues.  Vending commissions are a much needed and welcomed source.  Students sometimes need a little something to “tide them over” until lunch or until school has dismissed…they are still growing and very active at this age.  Vending may keep students on school grounds, instead of them leaving to go to the nearest McDonald’s or convenience store.

Since the biggest concern is keeping students healthy, instead of just saying “no vending”, why not use a more reasonable approach?  Add additional healthy items to the machines.  Use wellness programs such as National Automatic Merchandising Association’s Fit Pick.  Make this a win for students and schools.  It can be!  NBC’s Parenthood apparently sees the value in vending for students and schools and made that story part of a recent episode!


“We applaud the creators and writers of Parenthood and NBC-TV for featuring a real-life view of vending,” said Roni Moore, National Automatic Merchandising Association vice-president of marketing and communications. “As an industry, we are committed to offering the right snack and beverage choices in our vending machines, especially those placed in schools. Our members understand the important role we have working with students, and take that role very seriously.”  http://bit.ly/WdgoMk

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