Psyche Yourself Out!

psychedelicWe all know the advice for keeping our weight under control – small portions and everything in moderation.  But there are those foods that seem to beckon you to indulge, and before you know it, you have gained a few pounds.  At VendEdge we work with HR directors and company executives to offer vending and micro-market services (through our brand Freshments) to align with wellness objectives.

We would like to help by offering three tips to help you avoid over-snacking.

  •  Schedule a time to indulge.   You are only human, and no one can stay on a strict diet all the time.  So rather than give into the urge and binge, schedule a time to relax  the rules, and enjoy a special treat.
  • Avoid those small temptations.  Even healthy snacks can lead to over consuming calories.  Keep a list of all the food you “pick up” and you will be surprised how quickly it “adds up!”
  • Break down your snacks into smaller portions.  If you divide them and package them into smaller servings as soon as you buy them, it will be easier to maintain portion control.

These easy tips may help to set yourself up to succeed!  You won’t sabotage the progress you have made, and you will look and feel better.  That’s a win-win in our book!

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