3 Easy Tips on How to Stay in Shape at Work

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Februray 4, 2013
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Healthy at WorkToday in America our jobs involve little physical exertion—we sit at a desk to analyze graphs, write reports, and schedule meetings.  And what starts to develop after only a few years is another chin, a tire around our waste, and an extra 30 pounds that we get to show off daily.  What can we do to help us fight to keep fit while still sitting sedentary most of the day? We’ve set out to help answer that question with these three work related health tips to keep the weight off during the workday.

1)    Eat small snacks throughout the day, and when you do snack healthy

In addition to eating three large meals per day, you should be eating several snacks between those three core meals.  Small snacks will prevent you from pigging out at lunch and dinner (thereby reducing your portion size during those meals), and over time, your metabolism will speed up, meaning you will be more effective at processing the food you eat.    Before you leave the house in the morning, pack some snacks high in protein and fiber—they tend to be the most filling.  Oatmeal, apples, whole-grain bread, and hard boiled eggs are some of our favorite.  Don’t feel like waking up early to fill up some zip-lock bags with healthy food?  Sandy Thornton of VendEdge, an Atlanta based vending operator, says not to worry.  “Wellness in the workplace is of growing interest to human resource directors and management.  The vending industry has addressed this in a variety of ways by offering new and better tasting healthy products and portion size options,” she says.  “Some companies are even putting micro-markets in their buildings, which gives employees an opportunity to choose from even more healthy items.”  So next time you get those 2 PM hunger cramps, reach for the healthier food option available at your workplace, not the Cheetos.

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