Tired of the same ol’ same ol’ in your vending break room?

So, you go to the vending machine in your breakroom, starving to death.  You look at each row, each item, and find absolutely nothing that is really what you want.  The weather outside is nasty…you only have 15 minutes for lunch…it’s late, and you are tired…whatever the reason, you just can’t go to that great little restaurant down the street.  Honestly, so often, vending is the “food of last resort.”  So, here you find yourself in front of a black box that holds 30 or so different items, and you pick one…only to find that the machine won’t accept your dollar.  Grrrrrr.

There is a better option! The newest and most exciting thing to come to the vending industry in decades is a concept called Micro Markets. Basically, it is a small market right in your building.  The payment system is by way of a self checkout kiosk.  The food is displayed in coolers and racks, so there are no hung up spirals and no malfunctioning bill acceptor.  There are 100s of items available, including a wider variety of healthy items.


Check out our market @ www.freshments.com.  Call or email us for more information about how we can bring this new offering to your place of employment!  We offer these markets to companies in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Nashville.




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