How our Atlanta vending company was helped by two of our suppliers

Sometimes it is good to step back and look at how we have gotten to where we are and who has helped us get there.  In our case, the list of friends and customers and suppliers who have contributed to our success is impressive and much appreciated.  We’ve spent a few blogs talking about some special customers.  We’d like to spend this one talking about two of our suppliers.

khraze atlanta vendingKhraze is an Atlanta based new media strategy company.  What does this mean exactly?  In our case, it means help from beginning to end from brand design to web design to social media platforms and all areas in between.  Khraze has helped us define who we are with our Freshments markets and navigate all the pieces that go with that.

greenlight atlanta vending

Once we had the branding ready, Greenlight communications has been instrumental in our printing needs.  From the design work on our signage to full implementation of all the signs and affiliated pieces that go with a new Freshments market install.

So, thanks to both companies for your help in making us be the best we can be!

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