Traditional Vending

We’re on the cutting edge of vending technology

We are proud to offer some of the newest vending technologies in the industry. We evaluate which technologies to add to our service offerings with our “customer-first” mission in mind.

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring, our clients experience fewer out of stock products and reduced service issues. Our remote monitoring system gives customers the ability to see actual sales levels, providing trustworthy numbers for the calculation of commissions. We can also actively tailor the product offerings within a customer’s machine based on analysis from remote monitoring. Finally, we can pair remote monitoring with our cashless payment systems to allow easier purchases.

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Hand Held Technology

Each VendEdge Route Driver is equipped with a handheld computer. This allows them to easily input product fills, order products, collect sales, maintain inventory, view service history, and view preventative maintenance schedules. Because we have invested in this technology, our clients experience reduced service issues, reliable sales data, and precise product information.

Wish your vending machine had less service issues? Our infrastructure allows that to happen. Contact us to have your vending machines serviced by one of our technology equipped route drivers.

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