Who Doesn’t Want to Be Foxy Fit?


The holidays are over, and you may be like untold others who looked in the mirror and faced the reality that the first priority of the New Year is to loose weight.  You don’t need to feel overwhelmed – we are here to help with a few suggestions.

  •  Make a conscious, deliberate decision.  Write down your goal, keep a journal.

Take pictures of yourself at the start, and at set intervals to record your progress.

  •  Make it a game.  This is an important game for you to win.  Give yourself small

rewards for each milestone you achieve.

  •  Make it competitive.  Any activity is more challenging when shared with friends.

Join a class.  Schedule regular weigh-ins.  Encourage each other.

  •  Set small milestones.  You won’t lose the weight all at once, so be realistic about

setting short-term milestones.

  •  Most of us can’t– or won’t– stick to a diet every single day, all the time.  So

schedule a period when you can relax the rules – maybe stick to your schedule during the week, and over the week-end permit a treat or two.

New Year’s resolutions can be just words on a piece of paper, or they can be goals and guidelines to achieve a better life.  Maybe these few suggestions will encourage you to actually carry out your resolutions.

And remember, VendEdge and Freshments are committed to offering healthy vending alternatives to our service areas, including Atlanta, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Macon.

Let us know your results!

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